“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

Steve Jobs on Product Design

Our Research Services

  • Ideation & Gathering Customer insights
  • User testing / Usability studies
  • Story Mapping & Brainstorming
  • Prototyping sessions

Customer Insights

Having a comprehensive understanding of an organization's customer base is essential when creating any successful product or service.

We conduct structured 1-on-1 interviews with your customer base, which uncover a wealth of insights at any stage of a product's life cycle. We then share our insights with your team and encourage collaboration by documenting them on sticky notes, and grouping the insights into topics. This process evokes discussion and helps team member learn deep insights into customer how they feel about the service, what are their main pain points, how they think things could be done better.

Story Mapping

The process of story mapping involves documenting team ideas, customer feedback, assumptions, features, and goals on sticky notes and then arrange them into groups and topics. It is a key part of the agile development process.

The goal is engage disusssion and debate within the team so that everone is on the same page. The storymap iteself will provide the whole team with a view into what will become the roadmap for the development of the product. Storymapping can be done multiple times at any stage of a products life cycle, with the goal to constantly improve the product.

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