Chatbot AI Design

Conversational UX

At GOCITY we are always curious about what the digital experiences of the future look like. A common question we ask is how will next gen digital experiences evolve with voice technology?

The rise of Conversational UX
Conversational UX is changing the way we think about design, and as AI technology becomes more powerful, chatbots and voice assistants will be able to do more for users via intelligent conversations.

Over the last few years Fintech’s and Banks are undergoing a transformational shift towards AI. As well as huge cost savings for the banks, AI powered chatbots and voice assistants are able to dramatically improve the banking experiences by giving customers valuable insights about their daily finances in real time. As AI technologies become more accessible to startup entrepreneurs and small businesses, we believe the scope for innovation in the AI space is huge.

Predictive insights
We created this animated prototype to help visualize what an ideal banking experience could look like. We create prototypes like this to communicate ideas and concepts. They can be used to capture feedback early, or used as a marketing tool when selling concepts and ideas to potential customers.